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The Online Burma Library is an evolving project designed to make full texts of Burma documents accessible online to Burmese and non-Burmese researchers, academics, educators, journalists, officials, diplomats, activists et al. It functions as a linked, annotated catalogue to the Burma material already on the Internet and will eventually house a number of archives and directories (in addition to the Burma Press Summary which is already on the site). As they become available, more links and documents in Burmese and other languages will be included. Fuller summaries will be added to the documents to allow better searching. The Library is text-based, for speed. It has several hundred links to full text documents.
The Online Guide East Asia offers information concerning arts & humanities, social sciences and science. You will find data and online resources to a wide geographical area ranging from the Russian Far East to Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Japan. This guide makes use of entries of the homepage of the European Association of Sinological Librarians, the China WWW Virtual Library and the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Developed at the State Library, Berlin, Germany.
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