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mylib is the pilot project of the proposed larger National Digital Library Initiative. As part of the MSC initiative, it is intended to promote the economical and efficient delivery of information and knowledge to all levels of the Malaysian society.
The digital library construction business has been promoted, according to the information superhighway construction plan, in three steps since 1996 for three main purposes: Enlargement of national information capacity by linking with domestic major libraries, promotion of balanced regional development, and establishment of an information basis that constructs a distribution system of national documents information connecting nationwide libraries.
The Online Burma Library is an evolving project designed to make full texts of Burma documents accessible online to Burmese and non-Burmese researchers, academics, educators, journalists, officials, diplomats, activists et al. It functions as a linked, annotated catalogue to the Burma material already on the Internet and will eventually house a number of archives and directories (in addition to the Burma Press Summary which is already on the site). As they become available, more links and documents in Burmese and other languages will be included. Fuller summaries will be added to the documents to allow better searching. The Library is text-based, for speed. It has several hundred links to full text documents.
The Online Guide East Asia offers information concerning arts & humanities, social sciences and science. You will find data and online resources to a wide geographical area ranging from the Russian Far East to Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Japan. This guide makes use of entries of the homepage of the European Association of Sinological Librarians, the China WWW Virtual Library and the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Developed at the State Library, Berlin, Germany.
The Portal to Asian Internet Resources (formerly the Digital Asia Library) provides access to high quality Asia web sites. PAIR is a project of Ohio State University Libraries, University of Minnesota Twin City Libraries, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.
From the University of Columbia. Journals, news, books, directory of scholars, film and video.
A virtual library on South Asia from the University of Heidelberg. Includes seacgable liteeature databases, directory of scholars, links and so on.
SEADL is at Northern Illinois University. Includes: Upgrades to an online bibliographic index at Thammasat University (Thailand), creating an interface to access the index and providing a full-text article delivery service. Digitization of palm leaf manuscripts from Northeastern Thailand at Khon Kaen University (Thailand). Creation of an archive of historical photographs covering a century of life in Cambodia, in partnership with Arizona State University. Creation of a video archive of contemporary Indonesian television programming, in partnership with the University of Hawai’i, Manoa. Digitization of rare early printed works in the vernacular languages of the region, in collaboration with the British Library and Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation. Creation of a video archive of interviews with former political prisoners in East Timor, in partnership with the Living Memory Project (Australia). Conversion of the Berita Database at Ohio University, a collection of journal articles and other resources from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, to a free-use resource. Digitization of Buddhist murals and cloth paintings in Thai temples, supported by interpretive materials, in partnership with Chiang Mai University (Thailand). Digitization of Vietnamese art objects and criticism, supported by interviews with artists, from the Doi Moi (Renovation) period in Vietnam. Digitization of printed Vietnamese Nom materials, in partnership with the Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation. Development of a bibliographic database of digitized Islamic manuscripts from Indonesia, in partnership with the State Islamic University of Indonesia. Digitization of archival photographs and videos discussing and documenting Indonesian literature and culture, in partnership with the Lontar Foundation (Indonesia). Creation of a video archive of interviews with surviving victims of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia. Digitization of selected works from the Malay and World Civilization Library, National University of Malaysia. Digitization of Buddhist murals in Laos, supported by interpretive materials.
The U. S. Department of Education granted $595,000 for DSAL and $444,031 for DDSA to expand Web resources over the period 1999-2002, and a new proposal for the next three-year period was submitted in fall 2001.
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