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Country : Malaysia;
Owner : University of Malaya
Host :
Subject : History
Manuscript collection from four libraries
| Online | Free
Country : Singapore;
Owner : National University of Singapore library
Host : National University of Singapore library
Subject : History
A select bibliography on the history of Singapore. Menu driven.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : Getty Conservation Institute/Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC)
Host : Getty Conservation Institute
Subject : Arts
AATA Online contains all 36 volumes of Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts and its predecessor, IIC Abstracts, as well as over 1,500 abstracts published between 1932 and 1955 by the Fogg Art Museum and the Freer Gallery of Art. New abstracts are added to the online database on a quarterly basis. Ultimately, more than 100,000 abstracts related to the preservation and conservation of material cultural heritage will be accessible in AATA Online. Registration is recommended (no charge) to access many advanced features. Contains thousands of references to Asia.
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Country : Japan;
Owner : NII
Host : NII
Subject : Science
Summaries of papers presented at national conferences and other meetings held by academic associations. Data includes the title of research, name of presenter, name of institute, summary of paper, keywords, etc., and many of them are given in English as well. The contents of the database are classified into the following systems, enabling comprehensive searches: Series 1: Electricity, information, and control; Series 2: Chemistry; Series 3: Architecture, civil engineering, and landscape gardening; Series 4: Biology and agriculture; Series 5: Science; Series 6: Engineering; Series 7: Medicine; Series 8: Cultural and social science. 392,000 records from 1987 onwards.
| Online | Subscription
Country : China;
Owner :
Host : Wanfang Data Co
Subject : All subjects
The most comprehensive database of its kind, the database focuses on research related to China. The database contains full-text, or abstracts and other descriptive information of papers from national and international conferences held in China from 1986 onward. In May 2004 the database contained 486,500 abstracts and 225,500 full text papers. A Document delivery service is available upon request.
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Country : Asia;
Owner : AcademicInfo
Host : AcademicInfo
Subject : All subjects
Over 25,000+ hand-picked resources including links to databases in the Asia Studies section.
| Online | Free
Country : Cambodia; India; Pakistan; Vietnam;
Owner : U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Host : NARA
Subject : Political Science
AAD provides access to a selection of nearly 50 million historic electronic records created by more than 20 federal agencies on a wide range of topics. It is an excellent source of unpublished source material and such as memos and reports on Asia. For example, hundreds of internal documents discuss the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnam War, nuclear issues in India and Pakistan, Chairman Mao and Teng Hsiao Ping, and so on.
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Country : Indonesia;
Owner : The Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV)
Host : KITLV
Subject : All subjects
656 full text books in pdf format, about Aceh in various languages. The Dutch Ministry of Education financed this project and the Royal Library of the Netherlands supervised the digitization process.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : RSPAS, The Australian National University
Host : ANU
Subject : Asian Studies
More than 2,390 acronyms, names and web addresses of relevance to Asian & Pacific Studies.
| Online | Free
Country : Asia;
Owner : AEI
Host : AEI
Subject : Education
The focus of this database is international education. Asia is well represented. It contains details of over 2,500 books, articles, conference papers and reports on various aspects of international education from publishers in Australia and overseas. The database encompasses Australian and international research and, where possible, includes links to the full text of catalogued research. It also includes links to over forty relevant websites, other useful databases and a range of international education journals and publishers. The database is updated monthly.
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