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Managing library finances. Free abstracts. Subscription. Abstracts for 1999-2000 at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/botlin/
Music librarianship. Free table of contents 1992-2000. Subscription.
Free abstracts 1991-1994. Subsequently published as New Review of Academic Librarianship.
Research into the contents and history of the British Library collections. Abstracts only. Succeeded by Electronic British Library Journal.
Free table of contents 1991-1999. Subscription.
BUILDER aims to develop a working model of the hybrid library within both a teaching and research context, seamlessly integrating access to a wide range of printed and electronic information sources, local and remote, using a Web-based interface, and in a way which will be universally applicable. This newsletter provides details of publications and presentations about the BUILDER project and related issues.
A vehicle for sharing news and information regarding developments in the fields of information science and technology, including policy and political developments; and an avenue for publishing opinions and quality, brief articles on timely, controversial,
Articles about Chinese publications and librarianship.
Devoted to anarchists and militants. Subscription.
American medical librarianship. Free table of contents and abstracts 1992-2000. Subscription. Renamed Journal of the Medical Library Association http://www.mlanet.org/publications/jmla/ Entire archives from 1911 offered free of charge here: http://pubmedcentral.gov/tocrender.fcgi?action=archive&journal=93
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