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Refereed articles on school and academic libraries. Free table of contents and abstracts. Subscription.
Describes how through interlibrary loan and document delivery, library users can obtain materials from a broader universe of information resources. Free abstracts. Subscription.
Discussions concern the current state and future direction of the study of food and agriculture as it relates to government, higher education, non-profit organizations, private industry, professional/trade associations, and the media. Free abstracts. Subscription. Abstracts for 1994-1996 at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/jaafi/
Includes articles on processing techniques and procedures, preparation of finding aids, and cataloging of archival and manuscript collections in accordance with MARC, AACR2, and other rules, standards, and cataloging conventions. Free abstracts. Subscription.
The creation, organization, dissemination, retrieval, and use of business information. Free abstracts. Subscription. Abstracts for 1990-2000 at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/jbafl/
Original research papers. Free table of contents. Subscription.
Discusses the issues of selection, evaluation, and acquisition unique to this emergent medium. Subscription.
Concerned with the management, presentation and uses of contents in digital environments covering research, technical, design and practical issues aimed at researchers, developers and teachers. ISSN: 1696-313X
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