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An international journal on the development, adoption, use and effects of information technology. Free table of contents and some free text. Subscription. Ceased publication in 2000?
Cimtech's journal covering developments in the field of document, content and records management. Free table of contents. Subscription. ISSN: 0266-6960. Backfiles at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/imat/
Published by SLA. Searchable index. Subscription only.
Basic and applied research and management of information. Free table of contents. Subscription.
Refereed papers and working papers in the fields of information science, information management, information systems, information policy and librarianship.
Full text and links to websites. ISSN: 0020-0220.
Previously called Scottish Libraries. Backfiles are here http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/scolib/
Information providers, users and systems. Free table of contents and abstracts. Subscription. ISSN: 0167-5265. Backfiles at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/isau/ http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/isau/
Information Technologies and International Development will focus on the intersection of information and communication technologies (ICT) with international development.
Practical and theoretical issues surrounding the development and effective use of new and emerging technologies by computer users with disabilities.
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