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Subscription. Table of contents for 1993-1999 at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/cjoials/
Articles on the research and work of the museum including its achival collections.
Considers the full spectrum of creation, content, management, and use of bibliographic records, including the principles, functions, and techniques of descriptive cataloging. Subscription. Free table of contents and abstracts at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/cacq/
Free table of contents. Subscription. 1991-2000 back issues at http://bubl.ac.uk/archive/journals/cai/
From IFLA. Free table of contents.
Articles with a Catholic slant. Free table of contents. Subscription.
CD Focus was launched in 2001 to improve co-ordination on collection-level descriptions, methods, schemas and tools and ensuring consistency and compatibility of approaches across projects, disciplines, institutions and sectors. The Focus provides support for UK projects actively involved in collection description work and for those investigating or planning such work.
Biweekly electronic newsletter provides updates about California Digital Library projects, initiatives, and newly available electronic resources.
Forum for directors of national libraries in Asia.
About censorship in its many forms. Subscription. Generous full text access. Now called NCSC Nesletter: Cencorship News.
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