December 2011 No.79  
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Peking University launches Serials Solutions Summon discovery service


Peking University has launched its implementation of the Summon® service from Serial Solutions to improve the discoverability and usability of its vast collection of digital resources and library materials. Recognized for its academic achievements and modern Chinese education, Peking University is one of the top research and teaching centers serving more than 45,000 students, and is the first library in China to adopt the Summon™ service.

“After careful reviews and trials of discovery services, we selected Summon because of its comprehensive coverage of our resources, Serials Solutions’ strong commitment to Chinese-language searching capabilities, and our mutual agreement and confidence on the future development of this product,” said Ms. Nie Hua, Deputy Library Director at Peking University Library. “With more than seven million library catalogue records, more than 450 databases and many prestigious institutional repositories such as the ancient Chinese materials databases in our library, the Summon service provides an easy and user-friendly way for our users to conduct important research.”

“We are very pleased that a prestigious university such as Peking University chose our Summon service,” said John Law, Vice President of discovery solutions at Serials Solutions. “This validates the work we have done to optimize Chinese-language searching capabilities, ensure the Summon unified index covers the vast majority of Chinese scholarly journals and provide a superior user experience for researchers worldwide.”

Recognized as the Best Enterprise Search Solution at the 2011 CODiE Awards by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the Summon service offers the most compelling user experience by providing an easy and open discovery experience. Peking University joins more than 300 libraries worldwide subscribing to the Summon service, many of which are seeing a substantial increase in the use of their library’s collections. With a single unified index, the Summon service provides instant access to the breadth of authoritative content that is the hallmark of great libraries. Visit Serial Solutions here.

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