December 2011 No.79  
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Scientific American’s online archive to 1845 goes live


Readers can now revisit original reports of Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone and Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb. Scientific American's complete archive, back to volume 1, issue 1, is now available on Published since 1845, Scientific American is the longest continually published magazine in the U.S.

This collection, from Scientific American's inaugural issue in August 1845 through December 1909, completes the Scientific American archive available to institutional customers on Users can now access over 160 years of historic medical and technological advancements, scientific discoveries and research. Scientific American founded the first branch of the U.S. Patent Agency, in 1850, to provide technical help and legal advice to inventors. The 1845-1909 collection chronicles major inventions, including the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 and the incandescent light bulb by Thomas Edison in 1879. Other highlights include coverage of New York City’s first subway in 1870, a special issue in 1899 dedicated to bicycles and automobiles, and Wilbur Wright’s completion of a three-mile flight at Kitty Hawk, South Carolina. In all, the 1845-1909 collection contains more than 75,000 articles. Browse the online archive here.
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