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KB makes contract with Google public


On 14 July 2010 the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Google signed a contract for the digitization of 160,000 books from the collection of the KB that are free of copyright. Both parties made this widely known by means of their websites and via the press, and have consistently replied to questions about the content of the cooperative agreement.

Following a request in the United Kingdom, which was granted, to make the details of the contract between the British Library and Google public on the grounds of the Freedom of Information Act, the KB has now received two WOB requests to disclose the content of its contract with Google. (WOB is the Dutch Access to public sector information Act).

It is not customary for the KB to publish contracts with partners; at the same time there are no significant interests preventing public disclosure. The KB has therefore decided to grant the WOB requests and to make the contract available to interested parties. The text of the contract can be found here.

The agreement between the KB and Google guarantees that the books in the public domain will remain available in the public domain in the future.

The contract with the British Library is here.

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