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June 2003 No.45  
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Wondir promises to eliminate the barriers between questions and answers  
The Wondir Foundation is building a new and different kind of information service, Wondir, to connect people who have information needs with the people and information that can help them. The foundation will also support and conduct research relating to information transfer. Positive cash flow from operations will support recognized and respected charities that provide information services to the disadvantaged. 
The premise behind Wondir is this: there are thousands of organizations, corporations and service providers, and millions of individuals throughout the world who want to help others by providing information, guidance and expertise. There are many people who need their help. But despite all the advances in the internet, communications and search technology, it is still far too difficult for these forces to connect. That is why Wondir was created.
The Wondir information service will be a simple yet effective way for people with an information need to ask a question and get a good answer from those sources who are ready to help. The service will be free to all, and open to all. 
  You can be a part of the service
The Wondir Foundation is a new organization building a new service. It is looking for individuals and organizations who would like to assist with the development of technology and for organizations and individuals who would like to answer some questions for Wondir users.
The Wondir information service is designed to help people find practical, focused answers to questions, with an emphasis on connecting people who have questions with other people who can provide needed help. These experts, tutors, mentors, enthusiasts, and peers might be volunteering on their own or as part of an organized online help program, such as an AskA service, government or social service, corporation, civic group, professional association, university, school or library. 
In addition to live resources, Wondir utilizes FAQs, stored Q&As and other searchable web resources. Relevant human resources are integrated into the results and featured. 
For more about Wondir including the people behind it, visit here
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