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June 2003 No.45  
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VTLS Named High-Tech Company of the Year  
VTLS has been named the New Century Technology Council's (NCTC) High-Tech Company of the Year. VTLS, one of ten companies nominated, was presented the award during TechNite 4.0, on1st May in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. The annual NCTC awards ceremony attracted a crowd of over 400 high-tech entrepreneurs, industry-leaders, and public sector supporters. 
"The Council chose VTLS because the company has done a superb job of foreseeing global trends and meeting customer needs through the introduction of new technologies into the marketplace," says Gary Atkinson of Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology, who served as the awards committee Chairperson. "VTLS' technology is very innovative and is used in libraries, museums, corporations and archives around the world."
  Revolutionary tools for library automation systems
Atkinson also cited VTLS' newest products as a deciding factor for presenting the award to the company. Atkinson noted that the awards committee was very impressed with VTLS' Radio Frequency Identification Solution (RFID) that provides a revolutionary tool for use in library automation systems.
"Our goal at NCTC is to help make this region one of the best places to build a technology enterprise. VTLS is an example of a successful, locally built company that has sustained its place as an international leader in its industry," said NCTC Executive Director Gordie Zeigler. The NCTC is a private non-profit organization, supported by its over 170 business members and sponsors. 
Left to right: Congressman Bob Goodlatte, George Nichols (VTLS VP of Finance), Dr. Vinod Chachra (CEO of VTLS) and Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology, Phillip Bond.
"We are honoured to have been chosen as the high-tech company of the year," says Dr. Vinod Chachra, CEO of VTLS. "I would also like to thank the businesses of Serendipity and KPMG for nominating us for the award and also note that business success comes through teamwork. I am so very proud to be a part of a wonderful team at VTLS that has contributed to this exceptional recognition."
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