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March 2003 No.44  
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BIOSIS introduces biology browser, an interactive life sciences portal   
BIOSIS has launched BiologyBrowser, an interactive portal designed for the life sciences community. BiologyBrowser creates a dynamic environment that connects users with valuable information through interactive discussion forums, quality controlled web links, science news, and other free resources. 
"With BiologyBrowser, we've created a spot where life sciences researchers can converge," said Linda Sacks, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at BIOSIS. "We're particularly excited about the interactive forums, which can start discussions among scientists from all over the world in any field. BiologyBrowser is a resource created by BIOSIS, but we expect a lot of its value to come from the expertise of BiologyBrowser users worldwide."
"We have designed BiologyBrowser to be a very flexible, user-driven resource," said Francis Ruffy, Product Manager for BiologyBrowser. "Users can post questions for other users to answer, or they can search through submitted links that have already been vetted for content. Basically, it offers information seekers - whether they are researchers or students - a peer-to-peer option for finding information in the life sciences that can complement the life science databases, such as BIOSIS Previews® , that they already use."
  BiologyBrowser offers:
More than 12,000 quality controlled science links updated daily;   
An interactive forum for connecting scientists worldwide, featuring discussion boards broken down by field and offering user-to-user messaging; 
The Index to Organism Names, an up-to-date name verification tool, and other science resources; 
An animal classification guide for science students and their teachers;  
Up-to-date science news. 
The initial topics for BiologyBrowser discussion forums will be: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Ecology and the Environment, Food and Nutrition, Genetics, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Parasitology, Pathology and Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Plant Sciences, and Zoology and the Animal Sciences. Forum topics will be added or consolidated based on usage demands and member requests.
BIOSIS is a not-for-profit organization that provides flexible life sciences information products and services to a global audience. 
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