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September 2002 No.42  
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Online Information conference draws 500 participants
No. 40
American Physical Society hopeful of greater visibility in Asia
No. 39
Online Information 2001 bigger but quieter
No. 38
Singapore's National Library Board launches enhanced digital library

The Encyclopaedia Britannica was born in 18th century Edinburgh. The first edition was published one section at a time, rather like the novels of Charles Dickens one hundred years later. The first "fascicle" appeared in 1768 and the third in 1771. It proved to be a blockbuster. A second edition in 10 volumes appeared between 1777-84 and a third edition in 18 volumes hit the genteel streets of Scotland in 1797. Thereafter, new editions appeared regularly, often with articles written by authors who were famous or destined to become so. more...
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